About FlowTech

FlowTech Design Limited was established in 1991 by Clive and Brenda Fenn as a small company undertaking technical consultancy to assist the injection moulding industry.

Clive has worked in the injection moulding industry in various technical capacities for over 15 years and since 1983 has been a Moldflow user. As a consequence, FlowTech took out a licence with Moldflow and became an Authorised Moldflow Design Service covering the North of England, offering mould filling analysis on a consultancy service basis. Subsequently, FlowTech used Rapra's FillCalc V software and latterly C-Mold's C-Flow software for this purpose.

In the intervening time FlowTech have undertaken numerous mould filling analyses in a wide range of materials for a wide and varied client base, examples include:

FlowTech has a reputable and established client list that includes international OEMs and material suppliers, through to moulding companies and local toolmakers. Parts analysed have varied from small medical components through to large automotive bumpers. FlowTech has access to a comprehensive range of analytical software from standard mould filling analysis software through to mould cooling, shrinkage and warpage software. In addition FlowTech can undertake gas-assisted moulding analysis and mid-plane fea stress analysis.